FIREBALL RUN® filmed live to premier fall 2017 . NOW ! ON AMAZON PRIME (SEASON 10 )

The FIREBALL RUN Adventurally is the story of a legendary 8 day, 2000 mile life-sized, trivia pursuit road rally competition and unlike Reality TV, this is real. Join zany driving teams as they race to locate America’s most obscure places & historic artifacts. And it’s all just for bragging rights and a plastic road sign. FIREBALL RUN is a mile-for-mile entertaining, thought provoking and emotional journey which inspires people to take the road less traveled. You may root for all, but only one can win. FIREBALL RUN is a 26 episode streaming series in the U.S., which is televised in foreign markets.

“FIREBALL RUN also educates viewers while inspiring travel, its a fabulous way to not only showcase what StarrHill Vineyard and Winery has to offer but to also do our part to assist in finding America’s Missing Children” said Kenn R Starr founder of Starr HIll Vineyard and Winery, through a partnership with Child Rescue Network each team is assigned a missing child and given the task of distributing posters along the 8 day rally route.  Since 2007 FIREBALL RUN has aided in the recovery of 47 missing children.  StarrHill Vineyard & Winery is now assisting in the search.  StarrHill Vineyard and Winery has been a corporate sponsor for 5 years and this will be the first time particapting as “father & son team” .  Not only do we plan on winning the race to recover our missing child, but we also want to give our area international exposure said

owner and founder Kenn R Starr.

Corey Edkin has been missing since 1987 ….Please share this photo on social media. This October will mark 30 years since he has been missing . Corey ,would not even know he has been listed as a missing child having been given a new idenity…. name and may be married if you have any information PLEASE call