New to drinking wine? Want to learn more about wine? Get the answers to your questions below.

Which glass should I use for which wine? Does it matter?

Wine tastes differently in different glasses. 

At What temperature should I store my wine?

Note: Wines age best stored horizontally at a cool temperature.
Whites & Blushes (55-60 degrees F)
Reds (62-67 degrees F, at room temperature)
Sparkling Wines (45 degrees F)
How do I serve my wine?

Decant older and more expensive reds before serving.
Chill whites, blushes and sparkling wines for a couple of hours (not months) in the fridge.
When serving several wines remember: white before red, light before heavy, dry before sweet, simple before complex.
How many people does a bottle serve?

Generally, a 750-ml bottle serves five; a 1.5-L serves ten.
What is the proper wine terminology?

Aroma / Bouquet… aroma is the fruity sent in a young wine; whereas bouquet is the complex scent of older wines.

Body… The substance of a wine in your mouth (light, full or medium).

Crisp / Soft… Crispness refers to the sharp taste of a wine, whereas a soft wine is smooth.

Dry / Sweet… A dry wine contains little sugar, and thus is not sweet.

Fruity… Having ripe flavors of fruit.

Finish… The impression a wine leaves on your palate.

Oaky… Characteristic style of oak barrel aging.

Tannin… A natural preservative found in grape skins, stems and seeds, which in high levels will make your mouth pucker.